Nothing Good To Watch On TV? Buy Complete TV Series On Blu-Ray And Binge!

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Nothing Good To Watch On TV? Buy Complete TV Series On Blu-Ray And Binge!

25 April 2016
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If the new television shows leave you bored and wanting more, you are not alone. Many people miss the old shows that had the characters and stories that made them feel good. The good news is that many of these old series are on available on Blu-Ray DVDs. You can buy the complete series and get your fix whenever the mood strikes. Here are just a few advantages to having a collection of your favorites.


You may be able to find some of the old shows on a streaming platform, enabling you to watch them whenever you want. However, many of them are only available to purchase as individual episodes, and often the cost is only for a rental. Once you add up the cost of each episode, you will find that it can be much cheaper to buy the Blu-Ray editions of the whole series.


If you have a streaming subscription that offers the series as part of your subscription price you may think there is no reason to buy the DVDs. However, sometimes there is too much of a load on the Internet and you have to keep waiting for the stream to buffer and load, making it difficult to watch a show. In addition, when you have the Blu-Rays, you can take them with you and let the kids watch them in the car or anywhere you have some type of player. This means when you are staying at a hotel, or camping, you have something to watch while taking a break from your other activities.


Streaming platforms often change around what is available at any given time. In addition, there are times when they only offer a few seasons of the series. This means you either miss out on the beginning story lines and have no idea how things progressed to where they are or you miss out on the most current episodes. Another problem is when you have been enjoying a certain series, only to have it removed from the streaming company's line-up. You will never have to worry about this when you own the DVDs. 

Of course, not all series are available on the streaming platforms. The number of complete TV series on Blu-Ray DVDs is constantly increasing. Find a company that sells them and keep checking back if you don't find what you are looking for. You can even call the customer service department to ask if they know when or if a specific series is going to be released.