Plan A Fun Brother And Sister Reunion

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Plan A Fun Brother And Sister Reunion

29 March 2019
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Are you and your siblings now adults with families of your own? Maybe you live in the same city, but you are all so busy that you rarely get to be together at the same time. Or, it might be that you live in different cities. In that case, it might be that you have to work hard to make reunions happen. If your turn to plan your brother-and-sister reunion is coming up soon, you are more than likely already making plans to make it a fun and memorable one. 

Think of putting out the word of your reunion in a clever way. In addition, part of the fun could be having a movie night that includes films with Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts, and other brother-sister teams. Here are some ideas that might help you.

The Invitations - Of course, there are probably few enough of you that you could give the information about your brother and sister reunion by phone, text, or email. However, it might be fun to send actual invitations in the mail. The great part about doing that is that all the pertinent information regarding your event will already be in paper form, a convenient way to put refer to it easily. 

Are you good with a computer? If so, look up pictures of brother and sister celebrities and put their pictures on the front of the invitation. For example, you could feature small pictures of stars like Peter and Jane Fonda and Justin and Justine Bateman. Other entertainers like Julianne and Derek Hough of Dancing With The Stars could also be featured on the invitation.

Be sure to include in your invitation that you will be having a movie night, and for them to bring comfy clothes in which they can relax together.

A Movie Night - What could be more fun than curling up with popcorn and everybody's favorite beverage to watch a movie after you have been busy all day? Again, consider featuring movies that have brother and sister teams starring together. One idea would be to show Spirits of the Dead, starring Peter Fonda and his sister, Jane Fonda. Another movie starring a brother and sister team would be Blood Red, starring Eric Roberts and his sister, Julia. 

Take it a step further by having a trivia game where your siblings have to guess which movie star you are talking about. For example, clues stating that a particular actor won Golden Glove awards for the movie King of the Gypsies and Bob Fosse's Star 80 might be one clue. Another clue might be that the actor you are thinking about was also nominated for the Academy Award of Best Supporting Actor in the 1985 movie, Runaway Train. 

If your siblings are movie buffs, they will probably not having any trouble revealing that the actor you selected for your secret is Eric Roberts. If they still don't guess after all the movie clues you've given, you could end with a more apparent clue, This is Julia Robert's famous brother. If they haven't caught on by then, maybe it's time for you to find another Eric Roberts movie to watch together.