Do you argue with your spouse over movie selections? Read more to learn how to enjoy movies with your sweetheart, even if you enjoy different film styles.

Plan A Fun Brother And Sister Reunion

29 March 2019
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Are you and your siblings now adults with families of your own? Maybe you live in the same city, but you are all so busy that you rarely get to be together at the same time. Or, it might be that you live in different cities. In that case, it might be that you have to work hard to make reunions happen. If your turn to plan your brother-and-sister reunion is coming up soon, you are more than likely already making plans to make it a fun and memorable one. Read More …

5 Video Editing Terms You Need To Know

27 December 2017
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If you are interested in editing videos, there are various terms that you need to know. There are terms that are specific to video editing. Knowing these terms will help you understand how to edit videos and advance with your video editing skills. 1.Standard Cut A standard cut is also known as a basic or hard cut. A standard cut is when you take two different video clips and connect them together. Read More …

5 Hotly Anticipated Upcoming Animated Movies

25 July 2016
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If you love animated movies, then you're in luck. The big studios (Dreamworks, Disney, and Sony Pictures) have a spate of amazing features slated for release in the upcoming year. Below is an overview of 5 of most highly anticipated films coming down the pipeline. Moana Moana is set in the South Pacific, during ancient times. The lead character is a young girl who sets out to find a secret island. Read More …

Nothing Good To Watch On TV? Buy Complete TV Series On Blu-Ray And Binge!

25 April 2016
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If the new television shows leave you bored and wanting more, you are not alone. Many people miss the old shows that had the characters and stories that made them feel good. The good news is that many of these old series are on available on Blu-Ray DVDs. You can buy the complete series and get your fix whenever the mood strikes. Here are just a few advantages to having a collection of your favorites. Read More …